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Power of Coal

Powering America

Coal is the most abundant fuel source in America.
Americans use about 20 pounds of coal every day in the form of electricity.
Source: Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Electricity

Electric production from coal costs about half that of using other fuels
Low costs help to keep energy affordable for families and businesses.
Source: Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Electricity

Electricity consumption has driven the growth in demand for coal
Total domestic coal consumption in the United States has increased over the last two decades. Electric utilities accounted for almost 90% of domestic coal consumption in 2001.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Coal is used for heating and powering foundaries, plants, industry, and manufacturing facilities
Many coal generation plants use coal to produce steam for generating electricity and heating.
Source: American Coal Foundation

Coal is a low-cost and reliable energy source
Most of the power plants in America are fueled by coal, due to low operating costs. Inexpensive electricity leads to boosts in the economy, helps moderate inflation, and increases competitiveness.
Source: American Coal Foundation

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