Platforms for Growth


Coal Reserves
Our reserves are geographically diverse and cover a broad range of heat and sulfur content. By offering both metallurgical and steam coal, our coal reserves are marketable to a diverse customer base, thereby enabling our lessees to adjust to changing markets and sustain sales volumes and prices. By having reserves in different geographic areas with various types of coal reserves, our lessees are able to serve a broad number of markets and take advantage of changing customer preferences.

Aggregate Reserves
Aggregates, like coal, are natural resources. While NRP got its start based upon the ownership of coal reserves across the United States, the partnership has always said that ownership of aggregates would be a natural expansion of its business model into another vital industry. As coal is to the energy business and electricity generation, aggregates are an integral and major component in the development of our nation's infrastructure. NRP sees this as a natural fit for future growth opportunities.

In addition to our royalty business, we also own infrastructure assets. These include coal preparations plants, beltlines for transporting coal, coal load-out facilities and a fire grind aggregates facility.

Minerals Joint Venture
BRP LLC is a joint venture joined between NRP and IP to own and manage more than 9.1 million acres previously held by International Paper.

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